Josh Mathews Talks The Possibility Of Chris Jericho Appearing For Impact Wrestling Next Year

Chris Jericho has made no secret of his free agency status and has teased working with many promotions including WWE, Impact and New Japan. He's posted pictures on Instagram of him posing with Impact executives which has further fueled rumors of him one day working for the company.

Josh Mathews knows Jericho well from his time in WWE and he was asked about the "Chris Jericho to Impact" rumors that have been popping up lately.

"Well I think it's just one of those where his name has been said an awful lot and chanted by fans an awful lot?," Mathews said recently on Impact's weekly media call.

"We've all seen what Chris Jericho's done in his career and the way he likes to surprise people or the things he likes to do when he makes his arrival into any company. No one expected him to show up at All In. He's gone back to WWE a few times very surprisingly and he knows exactly how to do it and make that ultimate splash."

Just this year, Jericho has worked for WWE, New Japan, appeared at All In and has been rumored to be a part of All Elite Wrestling. It seems as the only thing left for him to do is go to Impact and Mathews thinks it's just a matter of time before it happens.

"If and when Chris shows up at Impact Wrestling," Mathews stated, "I hope I don't know about it until he walks out, and you get a legitimate reaction of, 'Oh my God. Chris Jericho is here!'
"If it happens, awesome, and we can continue to build and grow each week with guys like The Rascalz."

In an interview recently, Jericho revealed that he had spoken to people in all of the places listed above. However, Jericho also admitted that he "doesn't know what he's gonna do" as it comes to 2019.