The women’s division in WWE has been making history, giving their female superstars opportunities they have never received before. WWE SmackDown Live superstar Lana is right in the middle of this transition in women’s wrestling. Lana would go from the role of big-mouth manager, standing on the sidelines and yelling Russian into a microphone, to becoming a full in-ring competitor, competing in this season of Mixed-Match Challenge and participating in the battle royal at the first-ever, all women pay-per-view, WWE Evolution.

Lana recently sat down with Fangirling and discussed how she had been expecting WWE to unveil the Women’s Tag Team Championship Titles the night of WWE Evolution. Although the Women’s Tag Titles have yet to be announced, Lana affirms that they will indeed be happening and she remains positive in her pursuit.

“One of these days we’re gonna get [women’s] tag titles,” Lana said. “I’m like – we have to do that! I was hoping, really, that we were gonna announce it there. Because they told us that we have to come out at the end and everyone has to come out on stage. And I’m like, ‘oh! They’re gonna announce tag titles! It’s happening !’ And then I was like, ‘oh, this is just a major hope spot.’ But, keep on going. Ya know it’s gonna happen. But it’s exciting to be able to work toward those things.”

If given the choice of a partner to hold the Tag Team Championships, Lana would like for Naomi to join her and become, “The Ravishing Glow”. Lana believes the bond between her and Naomi is so strong because they share a similar love of both wrestling and dance.

“She’s like, one of my legit favorite people to wrestle,” Lana admitted. “Like, I love her. And we always talk about, like, how much we would like to be a tag team one day. The Ravishing Glow! She’s great. We have so much fun but it is always like a competition. In the end, if you watch that [Mixed-Match Challenge] match, the Renee Young commentary is saying the whole time that we literally argue over who is the best dancer. It’s always like, our bond is so much deeper than just wrestling because we love to dance. Sometimes we start fighting over not who’s the best wrestler but who’s the best dancer.”