Sound Off Reactions To Your Favorite Wrestling Story Of 2018

Yesterday we asked, among all of the wrestling stories that hit in 2018, which were at the top of your list? Not too surprisingly, it was the rise of Becky Lynch in the second half of the year. Following closely behind was the engaging story between Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa, Daniel Bryan's comeback from injury, and the Golden Lovers (Kenny Omega / Kota Ibushi) reunion in NJPW.

A few other notables: Chris Jericho's run through multiple promotions, the RAW viewership hitting an all-time low, and the sold-out "All In" event that was self-financed by Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:


"Jericho's world tour and 47th reinvention of himself."


"Becky vs Charlotte feud, which is still going. In a year where there was virtually no compelling storylines in WWE, Becky's turn on her friend Charlotte at SummerSlam ignited a feud like no other in WWE where social media became prevalent, something not seen before while also increasing vast interest in the women's division leading into the first ever women's only PPV Evolution. Becky has now become the (wo)Man leading the women's charge in WWE, something many expected Ronda Rousey to do."


"The buildup and follow up from "All In."

El Greco:

"Daniel Bryan's WWE 2018 path. From the in-ring return and his 'transformation' from the SD GM to Daniel Bryan the wrestler, to the reunion with Kane, to the final chapter of the long-term feud with the Miz, to his heel turn and the "birth" of the new, evil Daniel Bryan that got crazy and turned his back to the people and his personal beliefs. The transformation of the quote 'fight for your dreams' from a life-teaching lesson that you should never give up when you face difficulties, to a sick, mind-changing obsession that made him oppose everyone (even himself, since he often mentions how disgusted he is about "the old Daniel Bryan") in purpose of fulfilling this obsession."

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