Hornswoggle was released by WWE in 2016 but has continued his wrestling career under the moniker of “Swoggle.” He’s wrestled for Impact Wrestling and on the indie scene since then, but everyone’s talking about the match he has scheduled against Nick Gage at Black Label Pro’s Adventures in Wrestling during WrestleMania weekend.

Gage is the same wrestler who bloodied David Arquette in a recent death match that resulted in the actor having an emergency operation. Swoggle was asked by our Nick Hausman why he would sign up for a match with Gage.

“Nick Hausman, this is going to shock you and it’s probably going to shock everyone: I asked for this match,” Swoggle said on our WINCLY podcast. “So, it will be just under three years, that weekend, that I was released [from WWE]. Up until that point I’d like to say I’ve done quite a few fun things. But I’m feeling at this point, I don’t want to say I’ve hit a plateau, but I kinda have?

“I feel at times I get stagnant, and I don’t want to. So I said, ‘let’s do something crazy. I wanna wrestle Nick Cage.’ I’ve been a death match fan since I can remember?

Swoggle then said he’s become a friend, or at least an acquaintance, of Cage through working at AIW.

“I walked up to Nick one day in the locker room,” Swoggle stated, “and I said, ‘Nick, I wanna wrestle you.’ He goes, ‘Anytime brother. Anytime.’

“It’s gonna be something, man.”

Swoggle then clarified that he’s wrestling Gage in a match, not a death match.

“No! No one’s saying that man,” Swoggle replied when asked if it will be a death match. “There’s no advertisements saying it’s a death match, no light tubes? All it’s saying is Swoggle vs. Nick Gage.”

Swoggle was then asked to weigh in on that Gage-Arquette match and who was at fault for what happened to Arquette.

“I really think that Arquette wanted to do that,” Swoggle said before adding that Arquette is an indies wrestling fan and maybe wanted to show his love for the wrestling business by doing that. “I don’t know if he was over his head, mid-match, but who knows? I’ve never been put in that position so I can’t judge him. He put himself out there and he did earn respect in my book for putting himself out there.”

Tickets to Black Label Pro’s Adventures In Wrestling can be found HERE. You can listen to the full interview with Swoggle below.