Backstage Reaction To Dean Ambrose Not Renewing His WWE Deal

WWE's decision to announce that Dean Ambrose is not renewing his contract this spring has kept the pro wrestling community buzzing this week. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer delivered some more insight about the announcement and about the backstage reaction to Ambrose reportedly leaving.

Meltzer noted that while he believes that the Ambrose situation is real and he is indeed leaving the company as soon as his contract expires, some of the talent backstage still believe it is a work because of the way WWE announced it over their own website. It was noted that that some of the talent was already aware of Ambrose's decision to leave prior to this past Monday's WWE RAW, but most were kept in the dark until it was announced on Tuesday.

On the creative side of things, Meltzer reported that the majority of the creative team was unaware that Ambrose was exiting, and they had no idea that the program with Nia Jax was made to humiliate him on his way out of the company. Ambrose's fellow employees are surprised that he turned down such a lucrative five year deal with WWE, but Meltzer emphasized that he is unhappy and doesn't care about the money. Meltzer added that Ambrose is very good friends with AEW's Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes.