Daniel Bryan Calls Out UFC Champion For Asking Nikki Bella Out (Video)

As reported here earlier this week, UFC Flyweight Champion Henry Cejudo revealed in an interview that he had a big crush on Nikki Bella after meeting her once on a flight.

Nikki Bella would address Cejudo's comments directly with a post on Twitter.

"What up Henry? So, I just saw your interview on Ariel's podcast, and I'm - well - thank you very much," Nikki said. "First of all, congrats on your really big win. I would like to think that maybe possibly I was a good luck charm - meeting you on the flight. I'm hoping maybe one day in Arizona you can train me before I get back into the ring because I think you have a few moves you can show me that I can really take it to the women. And, hey, I know you're cutting weight and all but maybe one day we could grab a drink or I should send you a bottle of Belle Radici wine for your victory. So, I'll do that and again, congrats on your big victory. That was amazing."

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan had his own opinion on the situation, telling an ABC15 Sports reporter he doesn't approve of Cejudo's request.

"There's a lot of people that want to think that they're the best - lots of them," Bryan began. "But guess what? Not a single one of those people are Daniel Bryan. There's a lot of people that go around and they hold championship titles and they think they're so tough, and they think that they're this, and they think that they're that. None of them are Daniel Bryan. Henry Cejudo, a valley resident who just defended his UFC Championship last Saturday, wants to go out on a date with my sister-in-law. Guess what? Henry Cejudo, you're not the man that Daniel Bryan is. You fight Daniel Bryan, you go down every time."

Cejudo would address Bryan's comment, tweeting in response, "Daniel Bryan there's enough room in The Valley for a King and a Prince. As Prince, you should know your role & make sure you pour my Bella Radici wine to the rim. P.S. Don't get too attached to that WWE belt, I am on a bit of a roll myself."

Bryan will defend the WWE Championship against AJ Styles at tomorrow's Royal Rumble in Phoenix, Arizona.


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