On a recent episode of Impact Wrestling, Scarlett Bordeaux gave Scott Steiner an in-ring lapdance that was enjoyed as much by Steiner as it was the Impact audience. The clip went viral and has generated nearly 1 million views on YouTube, making it one of Impact’s most popular videos ever.

Gail Kim was once a Knockout but now she is an agent/producer with Impact and also dabbles as a special guest referee. Kim came up in wrestling at a time where segments like Bordeaux’s were normal and she weighed in on the popularity of the clip and if there is still a place for that in the Knockouts Division.

“Well definitely. I think there is room for that,” Kim told our Nick Hausman on a recent Impact media call. “I have always believed that despite people thinking that I wouldn’t think that. But there is room for everything.

“I think there is room for a strong women’s division, female managers, interviewers, sexy roles. You can see based on the clips that it was a very popular thing and people want to see it. I would like to see more sexiness, but also still have the wrestling obviously.

Don Callis said that we want to go that route [with more sexy roles] and I think it’s a great idea.”

The Knockouts Division, and the state of women’s wrestling as a whole, is much different than Kim’s first run with Impact over a decade ago. But Kim likes the current group of Knockouts and this crop reminds her of the crew she broke in with back in the day.

“This generation of the Knockouts is starting to come together nicely,” stated Kim. “We went through a transitional period of gelling together and I feel like we’ve found our flow. The girls all have something very different to offer.

“It reminds me of the first generation of Knockouts when it was myself, ODB, Awesome Kong, Traci Brooks. A different flavor for each fan ? someone that they can relate to or just admire. Everyone has a different character and I love it?”

Kim reiterated that having many different types of talent and performers within wrestling, and specifically women’s wrestling, is the best way to appeal to a diverse audience.

“I always believe there’s a place in wrestling for a little bit of everything,” said Kim.