Scarlett Bordeaux On WWE Moving Into A Sexier Direction, Says She's Going For Knockouts Title

While the wrestling world surges ahead with the Women's Revolution, some have criticized what Scarlett Bordeaux is doing in Impact Wrestling. She portrays a "Smokeshow" gimmick that is a throwback to the divas era of wrestling which emphasized sexuality more so than actual wrestling.

But you can't deny the popularity of Bordeaux and that has created a ripple effect across the wrestling landscape. Other promotions such as WWE seem to be pushing the envelope further in regards to their Women's Superstars and Bordeaux discussed was asked if she is partially responsible to the move towards a sexier direction.

"I think, for a while, there was a lot of limits on everything with women..." Bordeaux said on today's episode of the WINCLY. "For a while they were pulling back the sexiness and placing a limit on what you could do. They are kinda loosening that and saying its okay to have a little bit [of sexiness] which is great.

"I've seen a few things the last few weeks which actually makes me really happy. They're loosening up a little bit on the way they are stopping women being sexy."

Bordeaux conducted a "talent search" in which Impact fans sent her videos of them showcasing their talents, whatever those talents may be. Bordeaux revealed which of the videos were her favorites to watch.

"I thought it was kinda funny when people would just send me matches because I want to be entertained," said Bordeaux. "My favorite ones were when anyone would sing to me. I'm a theater major. I'm a broadway girl, so anytime someone would sing my entrance music, that was probably my absolute favorite thing.

"Some of my favorite ones we did air. There were a few that were too crazy or inappropriate for TV, but maybe I'll put those up for my own entertainment so you guys can all see them to."

Impact Wrestling is headed to Las Vegas in February for some tapings and Bordeaux made it clear what her No. 1 goal is while in Sin City.

"I'm going for the Knockouts Championship," stated Bordeaux. "I'm just gonna say that right now."

Current champion Taya Valkyrie said she doesn't know much about Bordeaux because she's never seen her wrestle. Bordeaux responded that that works in her favor since Valkyrie doesn't know what she is capable of.

"I think it's better that she hasn't seen me because then she has no idea what's coming," said Bordeaux. "Taya is an amazing champion and, I wrestled at AAA, and she has spent many years there. So, I know exactly how tough she is.

"I'd rather her not know what's coming but she's an amazing champion and I can't wait to get in the ring with her."

You can listen to the full audio from Scarlett's exclusive WINCLY interview in the embedded podcast player below. In it she also opens up about how other female wrestlers have reacted to her sexy character during the "women's revolution", recently working with Scott Steiner, her favorite fan submissions to her talent search and more. Also the latest news, including Dean Ambrose giving his WWE notice and more. Subscribe to Wrestling Inc Audio to get all of our podcasts as soon as they are released.