Sean Waltman On If WWE Not Re-Signing Dean Ambrose Is A Work, Hideo Itami Leaving The Company

The wrestling world was shocked earlier this week at the news of Dean Ambrose's pending WWE departure. His contract expires after WrestleMania 35 and Ambrose will not be signing a new deal.

WWE followed up with a statement confirming that Ambrose will not be renewing his deal which is quite unusual. They usually release a statement after a wrestler has already departed, but they wanted to get out in front of Ambrose's departure, and Sean Waltman says that was done for a reason.

"You don't abuse someone like that on their way out," Waltman said on his X-Pac 1,2,360 podcast. "You don't shame them, or humiliate them because you want them to come back. It's like the statement WWE made. A lot of people say 'Oh this must be a work because they never come out and say this type of thing.' This is a different time and Dean Ambrose is not a talent that you go 'we wish you best of luck in your future endeavors' to because you want him back at some point.

"You use him to do honors for other people on the way out but within reason. Dean Ambrose came back from his time off in shape, looking good. His whole game was on point, every aspect was on point. He's either going to show up in AEW or he's just gonna go out and find himself."

Ambrose isn't the only one on his way out of town, although instead of not renewing his contract, Hideo Itami simply asked for his release. The Superstar formerly known as Kenta will be released shortly and will be subject to a 90-day non-compete clause.

"I think around the time that he signed with WWE, no one had more of a buzz in wrestling than Kenta," stated Waltman. "As far as this guy is pound for pound the best in the world. That's the kind of talk you heard about. I am just thinking, how he's so great of a performer, everyone likes him too, you don't hear anything bad about him, behind the scenes or any other matter. Just what a string of bad luck for him."

Itami joined NXT in 2014 and joined 205 Live in late 2017. He suffered a shoulder injury that had him on the shelf for over a year and never seemed to find a groove on the main roster. He is expected to return to Japan where he was an eight-time champion in Pro Wrestling Noah before coming over to the States.

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Sources: X-Pac 1,2,360


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