Earlier this week Ring of Honor announced that Mexican star Rush had signed an exclusive deal with the company, and as a result, was being forced to pull from an upcoming match on Major League Wrestling's card.

MLW CEO Court Bauer obviously wasn't thrilled with this and issued a press release which said, "This is a match and organization Rush wanted to be a part of but sometimes politics get in the way and that's what this comes down to: politics."

Many took that statement as a sign of turmoil between ROH and MLW who had a working relationship before. Sean Waltman weighed in on this promotional beef during his X-Pac 1,2,360 podcast.

"I don't see how that's politics though, how is that politics," Waltman asked about Bauer's statement. "That's not politics, that's just business. It might be bad business but it's not like political maneuverings or something. I don't see thatů

"It was only a matter of time until this type of stuff was going to happen, all the great cooperation from All In and what a beautiful thing that was, I am not sure that's going to be able to happen like that again moving forward."

MLW wasn't represented at All In, but the event brought in performers from various promotions including ROH, New Japan, Impact, CMLL and others. That type of camaraderie could be jeopardized according to Waltman based on Bauer's quote.

Waltman also weighed in on the Ivelisse-Lucha Underground situation in which Ivelisse wrote on Twitter that she's being held hostage by the company. Many others have come out in support of Ivelisse in attempting to get released from her contract, and Waltman also agrees she should be let free.

"The thing that I don't get though is alright, if they say 'Oh don't worry we'll let you out if you want out' then put that in writing," stated Waltman. "If you're going to do that you shouldn't have a problem putting it in writing. And it should have been put in writing. It's lame. It's not like she's the No. 1 ratings draw on Lucha Underground, let the girl go make a living."

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Sources: X-Pac 1,2,360