Stephanie McMahon Discusses Her Dream Match At WrestleMania

The Consumer Electronics Show is an annual trade show that takes place in Las Vegas every January. Stephanie McMahon was on hand at this year's event where she talked with Variety about a number of topics.


One of those topics was Stephanie's dream match to which she said she wants to main event the biggest show in pro wrestling.

"My dream matchup is the main event at WrestleMania, regardless of who's in it," said Stephanie. "I think it's gonna happen, but I also think it's not easy."

The interviewer followed up by asking if that was due to market expectations or the audience, and Stephanie replied that gender is becoming less of an issue when it comes to being a draw.

"What's great about it is that our women and men are truly competing for the spotlight right now," stated Stephanie. "It's a great conversation and it's about who belongs there, not because of their gender but about who's the bigger star.


"Who's delivering? It's this great atmosphere right now. It's always a family but of course there's competition. It's exciting. It's fun and that's the way it should be."

Stephanie then talked about the rise of women's wrestling in WWE which gave way to the current era of the Women's Evolution.

"The way we portrayed our women was in a secondary-type role ," Stephanie said of WWE in the past. "It was never believed that they could be the main event or the draw.

"What happened was, in our developmental system [Triple H] started recruiting athletes vs. models ? both men and women. He started training the women the same way the men were being trained and giving them the same match time, the same reps, the same opportunities on television.

"As a result, our women started to truly rise and they started to steal the show to the point that our fan base started chanting, "This is wrestling" and "Women's wrestling."

Stephanie then talked about a women's tag match in February 2015 that lasted just 30 seconds. The fans reacted to that with the hashtag #GiveDivasAChance that trended for three days.

"Their voices were so loud, Vince McMahon responded, 'We hear you. Keep watching. #GiveDivasAChance'"

Stephanie McMahon credited that moment as the time when WWE and Triple H took the initiative to train and prepare women's wrestlers the same way as the men and over time that resulted in the Women's Evolution.