Victoria Reveals Vince McMahon's Reaction When She Wanted To Blade During Steel Cage Match

In 2018 we saw many firsts in women's wrestling from the first ever Women's Royal Rumble to the first Women's Elimination Chamber match. But another first for women happened 15 years earlier when Victoria took on Lita in the first women's steel cage match.

Victoria was triumphant in that contest and she reminisced in her interview on Ring the Belle about that match and even pitching to Vince McMahon to allow her to blade during it.

"One day I came to TV, and they were like, 'you have a cage match.' And I went 'Are you kidding me?' We gig our forehead to bleed sometime, and I wanted to gig [during the match]. I would never do it now, but at the time I thought we were so hardcore and we can do whatever the guys do. I went to Vince to ask him and he goes, 'Thank you Victoria for wanting to do it, but no one wants to see a Diva bleed.' I did ask Lita to throw me as hard as you can against the cage so I can get color naturally. I didn't know how to do it, and I got a big knot."

Along with Victoria, Molly Holly was also part of the interview and both ladies discussed the hardcore stipulation matches that the current crop of women's wrestlers perform in.

"It's scary to watch," said Victoria. "It's very unpredictable with ladders and tables. It's scary! I'm older and smarter, and I don't want to get seriously hurt."

"I wanted to do things well but I also didn't want to get hurt," stated Molly. "I have zero injuries from the pro wrestling business. I feel great every day, and I feel like it's because I didn't really push to do more high-risk stuff."

Victoria hasn't appeared in a WWE ring in 10 years, but she still wrestles from time-to-time on the indie circuit. When asked about a potential return to WWE, she said that opportunity hasn't been presented to her.

"It is not my decision," said Victoria. "They have to call and invite you. I still do the indies and a lot of signings at Comic Cons. A lot of people think I have a choice. The company has to decide. It's out of our hands."

While those invitations have come Victoria's way, they have come Molly's way. She wrestled at both the Royal Rumble and Evolution last year and also presented Ivory into the WWE Hall of Fame.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Ring The Belle with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: Ring The Belle


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