Just a year after deciding he wanted to become a pro wrestler like his father, Brian Pillman Jr. signed with Major League Wrestling. He made his MLW debut in late 2018 and is part of the New Era Hart Foundation.

Even though he’s still new with MLW, there is already talk of Pillman possibly heading elsewhere. He spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast where he talked about his other options outside of MLW.

“I think the most important decision I made about a year ago was signing with MLW because they have consistently protected me in my career,” said Pillman. “I’m not spread too thin and working too many different tv [shows].

“Other offers are either on the table or in the works. Unlike most guys, I’m worried about slowing myself down instead of taking too many opportunities. It’s one of those things where the doors are open and it’s a matter of when I’m ready to walk through them.

“The grandest stage for me is MLW because we do have the Hart Foundation and it’s a good place to build myself.”

In terms of what Pillman would look for in his next wrestling promotion, he has one particular type of weather in mind.

“It’s hard to say right now. The ultimate goal is to be able to relocate myself somewhere. It would be nice to go overseas or Florida or different places with better weather than here,” stated Pillman.

“Other than that, it’s just a matter of timing and respect to everyone. You gotta pay your dues ? you gotta work out and get in the best shape of your life before you take those steps.”

Apart from MLW, Pillman will also be appearing at Warrior Wrestling 4 next month in Chicago. He weighed in on his upcoming match with Robert “Ego” Anthony with Frank The Clown in his corner.

“There is only one word to describe Frank The Clown and that is a complete poser. He’s a cancer in this business and doesn’t belong within 8 feet of a ring,” said Pillman.

“He’s done nothing but ruin opportunities for me since my debut in Warrior.”

In addition to that match, there is also a big tag match involving oVe and SoCal Uncensored who recently joined AEW. Pillman teased that there may be more members of AEW on hand to support their guys in SCU.

“We have a big tag team match with oVe vs. SCU so you never know who else might be rolling with SCU,” said Pillman. “You know, people in the back are watching our stuff…

“Me and Ego are gonna go out there and fight. If the clown gets in the way, then the clown gets hit. I don’t think there’s gonna be any bullsh-t. It’s gonna be as hard-hitting and real as it gets. People are gonna wanna watch this match and they’re gonna watch it a few years after cause that’s how good it’s gonna be.”

Brian Pillman Jr will be competing twice next month in Chicago, IL: March 2nd at MLW’s Intimidation Games and on March 15th at Warrior Wrestling 4.

You can listen to Pillman’s full WINCLY interview in the embedded player below. In it he also discusses his emotional ECW Arena debut, Davey Boy Smith Jr and Teddy Hart as mentors, what he thinks of AEW, the rumors of The Hart Foundation entering the WWE Hall of Fame and more.

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