- The Bella Twins posted the video above of Daniel Bryan wearing a hipster hat. Bryan said that it was a women's hat, and Brie noted that she loved it anyway. Their daughter, Birdie, tried the hat on as well and it fit her pretty well.

- There was no dark match at tonight's RAW in Portland. The show ended with Kurt Angle and Braun Strowman celebrating, followed by Strowman signing some autographs at ringside. Seth Rollins was advertised for tonight's show, but never appeared in front of the crowd. As we previously reported, Rollins is not expected to do anything physical over the next month as he is dealing with an issue that began prior to the beatdown from Brock Lesnar last Monday.

- EC3 made his in-ring main roster debut on tonight's RAW, defeating Dean Ambrose. Before the match, Ambrose had cut a promo on EC3, asking where EC1 and EC2 were. He also suspected EC3 of being a fan of the rock group, Creed. While EC3 has yet to deliver a promo on RAW, he did reply to Ambrose on Twitter, writing, "For those inquiring minds... #ec2 watched my debut #victory from the comfort of his leather chair #Betsy at home, and #ec1 watched from the comfort of his leather chair #Bernie in heaven. Thanks for asking Dean.#raw #toponepercent #victoryaftervictory"

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