If you missed the previous episode of Being The Elite, here's a recap.

* Cody Rhodes sits with Billy Gunn (the new AEW Head Coach) as they call over Adam Page. Christopher Daniels is at the table, but his face is pixelated and is known as AEW Talent Relations. Rhodes asks Gunn to explain to Page in a professional way he doesn't have the body for his ring gear, Gunn says "you're fat" to Page. Rhodes asks the same of Daniels who does a better job of doing it professionally, Page says to tell Rhodes he's acting like an executive assh---. Daniels turns around and tells Rhodes that Page will be working on it, no problem. Rhodes says if he doesn't change up the gear, he will be fired.

* Rhodes is talking with Page and Darby Allin shows up, Rhodes wonders if he wants to make a million dollars. Page tries to talk with Rhodes about that decision and Flip Gordon comes along, gives Page a big hug. Rhodes is staring at Gordon like he doesn't know who he is, and finally realizes it's Flip. Flip then says he knows they signed MJF and they should be careful, Rhodes gets all grumpy (because he thinks MJF is great) and tries to swing on Flip. Suddenly about seven guys show up to break them up.

* Young Bucks at the MGM Grand Garden Arena to do a walk through for their upcoming Double or Nothing event.

* Scorpio Sky talks with Frankie Kazarian who tells him about having a Snickers. Daniels shows up with a bandanna on, says his tooth is still chipped, he doesn't want anyone to see it. They say he looks stupid and he walks off.

* Young Bucks and Rhodes at the MGM Grand again, Matt says they are going to squeeze 20,000 people into the building. Rhodes says it's actually 14,000. Matt says to round up! Nick responds that would be 15,000 and Matt uses the "I didn't go to college, guys" line. Rhodes then says okay, let's just go with 20,000 and wonders why they called the event Double or Nothing.

* Page and Rhodes at North East Wrestling they get into a bit of a brawl with two other wrestlers. Afterwards, Rhodes jumps on the mic to hype the crowd a bit.

* At Come Hell or High Water, The Young Bucks head out to invite Pentagon Jr. and Fenix to AEW. Nick and Matt hype tag wrestling and that it can be the focal point of a wrestling company. Matt calls them the second best tag team in the world, but he's sure they want to prove they're number one, and then offers a handshake agreement with the brothers, but the camera cuts off before Fenix and Pentagon do it.

* Kenny Omega hears the countdown ticking and calls Nick to tell him he's in a very interesting situation right now and has to make a decision. Nick says Omega could pick one route and then go the other route. Nick said he followed his heart and he was happy with his decision. Omega says it's possible he could do both, but has to figure out what he's going to start with. Omega then says would it be weird to start with Leon's story and then did Claire's, a reference to the video game, Resident Evil. Nick thought he was talking about WWE / AEW. Omega says he's going with Leon instead of Claire and separate himself from the pack. Nick says he doesn't play video games.