Kenny Omega's First AEW Appearance Revealed?, Being The Elite #136 Recap

If you missed the previous episode of Being The Elite, here's a recap.

* Matt and Nick open the show talking about showing up wherever and surprising people. They mention invading Bar Wrestling. Joey Ryan joins the room and thanks them for helping out. The Bucks say they're all from Southern California when the camera pans to SoCal Uncensored counting money. After some small talk, Joey starts asking about an AEW contract, stating it is well known he will sign a contract without reading it. The guys bring up his "lifetime" Lucha Underground contract.

* After the intro (where they cut off introducing Flip), Matt and Nick are back at the airport. They have had three weeks off. After going to Bar Wrestling, the two want to go to more independent shows. They state they miss the independent scene so they are going back to watch and do some scouting at DEFY Wrestling in Seattle. They talk about teasing their appearance on Twitter.

* A picture of Marty and Cody is shown when all of a sudden a fathead of MJF is taped over Marty's face. Cody wants to put the picture on his wall, and Brandi tries to stop him. Cody says Marty is dead and says Brandi is in denial. He also states that Marty went out with honor and they have to move on. Cody says Brandi is jealous, and after she laughs at him, Cody puts the picture up and praises MJF.

* Back to Matt and Nick, they are trying to hide from fans in Seattle.

* Kazarian talks to Scorpio Sky about having the case of the snickers before Christopher Daniels interrupts. He's covering his mouth, talking about his broken tooth he got while at Bar Wrestling. He's embarrassed, and when he shows the guys what he looks like they laugh (Kaz) and are disgusted (Sky).

* Another Joey Janela highlight video (this time with him wearing an eye patch), talking about doing construction while on his break from wrestling. He hammers a wall and sets himself on fire before quitting the construction gig.

* Back at DEFY Wrestling, Joey Ryan is talking on the mic before getting attacked by several wrestlers. Once again, Matt and Nick come out to save him. They throw a Superkick Party before letting Joey finish them off.

* Given a mic, Matt and Nick are about to speak, but they are cut off by several few minutes of "Young Bucks" chants. Matt says he misses independent wrestling while stating that deep down him and Nick will always be indie wrestlers. They talk about how they made the Young Bucks brand in places like DEFY. Fans have told them to check out DEFY, so they took them up on the offer. The appearance they did was for free. Matt says not to worry about talent being taken by other companies, there are plenty of wrestlers there with a lot of skills. He continues to say it is companies like DEFY that will help independent wrestling live on for a very long time. It is the first time The Young Bucks are in Seattle and it won't be their last.

* Before the end, Matt is talking to someone on the phone. It's teased to be Kenny Omega, as Matt says that it was funny that people thought he would be "there," before saying he's happy this person found their phone (Omega lost his phone in the last episode). Cut to a red phone, where the timer is on and counting down. The timer is at nine days, nineteen hours and five minutes, which is presumably the "Double or Nothing" ticket announcement party on February 7th at the MGM Grand Hotel.


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