Sean Waltman has a lengthy Hall of Fame resume, but even he wasn't completely sure that he would ever be inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame. That all changed when it was announced that Waltman would be inducted in as part of Degeneration X's enshrinement before WrestleMania.

Waltman talked about receiving the call for the hall on his X-Pac 1,2,360 podcast.

"I got a text from Mark Carrano [Head of Talent Relations], and he was just like 'Hey, can we talk?' and I just assumed it was about signing my [Legend's] contract because I had the FedEx package and contract sitting on my table," said Waltman. "And finally he called and he's like 'I just talked to [Triple H]...' I can't remember the words exactly how he said it and then he went 'You're going into the Hall of Fame.'

"And I just about sh-t. And then he explained with DX and everyone's going in, [Chyna] included… it's not that I don't feel worthy because I do understand the things I have done in the industry, in my career and all of that but I am just blown away by all of it. I've done things in my career you know, accomplishments, and being in DX, NWO, the Kliq all of that. You go 'Okay eventually that will happen' but I wasn't sure that I would still be around for it to be honest with you. Cause not everyone is gonna make it up to that stage. So yeah, I am just grateful."

Many have felt that Chyna's induction is long overdue and they also believe that she should have gone in on her own, not just part of a faction. Waltman advises fans to not be too picky and to just celebrate that she's getting in one way or another.

"As far as [Chyna] is concerned, there are a lot of people that aren't satisfied with this because obviously she is worthy of going in by herself and for a lot of people this wasn't good enough," stated Waltman. "I would just encourage them to take the win. A win doesn't always come exactly how you want it to but it's a win nonetheless. And anyone who doesn't think so, I don't even know what to tell them."

As for Waltman, himself, going in on his own, he could care less about that and says he'd rather go in with his friends than by himself.

"I can give two sh-ts about going in on my own," exclaimed Waltman. "If you ask me, what my choice is: go in on my own or go in with like I said, more than once, with the people I had the greatest time of my life with, I am going to pick going in with them every single time you ask me… I even put a tweet out, I am grateful for the sentiment, okay, but there's only so many slots every year and there are so many deserving people...

"Can we just enjoy and accept the win? It's a win for [Chyna] she's going to be in the Hall of Fame forever. Forever! They can never take that away from her and she deserves it. Her family is extremely excited too..."

Degeneration X will be just the fourth stable of three or more people to go into the Hall of Fame joining The Four Horseman, The Road Warriors and The Fabulous Freebirds.

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