The fact that The Undertaker is on social media is shocking in itself as no one has protected kayfabe over the last 30 years quite like The Deadman. But the fact that 'Taker removed his WWE affiliations from his social media accounts was perhaps even more shocking as Undertaker has been arguably the most loyal WWE Superstar ever.

There was a lot of speculation as to what this means on social media. Sean Waltman gave his thoughts on his X-Pac 1,2,360 podcast.

"If anyone ever followed Shawn Michaels on social media before he took the job back at the Performance Center it was a similar situation," said Waltman. "Shawn was taking outside appearances; I did appearances with him. For independent wrestling shows, the catch was it has to be separate, the appearance has to be separate, it's not part of the wrestling show. So, I am pretty sure that's what it's going to be for Taker too."

On both Twitter and Instagram, Undertaker has listed an email address for booking and business inquiries. While it doesn't appear he would wrestle at any other promotion that reached out to him, this could mean that 'Taker would accept a convention or fan fest invitation outside of WWE.

"Let's say for instance, somebody that brings in people like that in, as far as wrestling promotions that have a good name. Maryland Championship Wrestling, I did appearances; Shawn [Michaels], Scott [Hall], Kevin [Nash] and I did appearances together for them and they kept it separate it was like a little fan fest separate. In that way, if it just so happens that you end up at an appearance connected to an independent promotion that might be less up to snuff product-wise. Then you're not seen as endorsing this show. You're in and out before the show even starts."

Taker last wrestled for WWE at Crown Jewel in November. Per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he is not expected to be in a top match at WrestleMania 35. The last 'Mania in which there was no Undertaker match was WrestleMania 16 in 2000.

It's unclear if Taker will ever wrestle again, but it is clear that we haven't seen the last of him as his acceptance of outside bookings indicates.

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