After each Royal Rumble, there is usually someone who didn’t win the match who still generates headlines thanks to something extraordinary happening. It could be Kofi Kingston coming up with a creative way to stay in the match or someone like Kane eliminating a dozen people.

Nia Jax earned those headlines despite being the first person to fall short in two Royal Rumble matches in the same night…because she became the first person to compete in two Royal Rumble matches in the same night. Jax even eliminated Mustafa Ali in the men’s Royal Rumble and became the fourth women to ever compete in that event.

There were mixed reviews regarding Jax in the men’s Royal Rumble and Sean Waltman shared his thoughts on Jax making history.

“It got mostly a positive response but you know the usual suspects hated it, it was Nia in the Men’s Rumble,” said Waltman. “I thought it was great. I F’n loved it. People were real uncomfortable they wanted to be for it but they were still uncomfortable? You can’t fault people for the feelings that come up when they see certain things.”

Waltman seemed to imply that many people were just uncomfortable with the fact of a woman wrestling men and even going as far as to eliminate one.

“You want to be accepting but it’s something for a lot of people that is going to take a little bit to get used to,” stated Waltman. “And sometimes you know these things they can bring up things about ourselves that we’re not comfortable with from our pasts. And how we’ve been to women. So there can be different reasons for people feeling a certain kind of way about this thing.”

While some fans and even fellow wrestlers may be uncomfortable with Jax in the men’s Rumble, she is relishing in it and even embracing the hate. After the Royal Rumble, Jax taunted fans by posting on Twitter: “And the Queen of making you all mad”

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