Hideo Itami Says Goodbye To WWE Locker Room, The New Day Plays Pool (Video), Sasha Banks Meets Fans

- As seen in the video above, The New Day got together for a new episode of Xavier Wood's YouTube show Up, Up, Down, Down. In it, the trio takes a break from the standard video games and plays a good 'ol fashioned round of billiards.

- A new episode of #205 Life has been released and it focuses on WWE's Hideo Itami. As noted last week, Itami had reportedly asked for his release from the WWE. The final scene in the video features Itami saying goodbye to the WWE locker room and hugging Shinsuke Nakamura and Asuka. You can watch the episode below:

- Sasha Banks did a meet and greet earlier today with fans in Portland, Oregon. Below are some of the images Banks tweeted out from the event:


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