On this past week's episode of RAW, The Revival defeated Bobby Roode and Chad Gable to become the WWE RAW Tag Team Champions for the first time. Gable and Roode won the titles back in December on an episode of RAW.

In their storyline, the duo felt there was a conspiracy against them in regards to winning the titles. First, by losing when the non-legal man in the match was pinned, and then Scott Dawson had his foot on the bottom rope, but the referee didn't see it as he counted to three.

Behind-the-scenes, Dash and Dawson reportedly asked for their release last month in frustration of how the entire tag team division was being booked within the company. WWE obviously didn't grant that release. It was also reported the team's WWE contract didn't run out until April of 2020.

Earlier today, Wilder tweeted out Triple H's customary championship photo after they won the titles with the caption, "'Complain long enough and you can achieve anything.' - The Revival." Dawson post the same, but also added in "The Internet Fans."