The Revival Talk Recent Rumors, Bayley On Sasha Banks, Velveteen Dream Says Becky Lynch Is "C-List"

- Above, Sasha Banks and Bayley spoke about the women's tag titles after advancing to the Women's Tag Elimination Chamber Match by defeated Alicia Fox and Nikki Cross on tonight's RAW. Also involved in the match are: Nia Jax & Tamina, The IIconics, Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville, and Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan. There is still one more spot left in the match. About the titles, Bayley talked about how much it would mean to her and Sasha.

"You can see how bad we want and see how bad we fought for this, for the tag titles, for the opportunity," Bayley said. "For everything that we went through to bring us together and make us the best tag team [in] the women's division. And you know those girls think we are a threat because they jumped us on our entrance. They were scared of us, the whole roster should be scared of us."

- The Revival became the new number one contenders after defeating the Lucha House Party, The B-Team, and Heavy Machinery on tonight's show. After speaking about working as a unit to achieve one goal, the WWE RAW Tag Titles, Dawson joked about the rumors of The Revival leaving.

"There's been a little rumor of The Revival going around, I'm sure you've heard about it, the scuttlebutt is all over the place," Dawson said. "We're here to let you in on the secret, okay? The rumors are true. Dash and myself, we plan on leaving...Monday Night RAW as the tag team champions!"

- On Twitter, Mick Foley gave Becky Lynch props by saying she is "The most captivating character in the business, the entire entertainment business. Hollywood has to have its eye on The Man." Velveteen Dream took offense to that comment and responded, "This tweet is disrespectful. She is C-List at best, and I'm willing to prove it."


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