Christian is staying busy in retirement as he’s involved in both wrestling and non-wrestling projects. He co-hosts the Edge and Christian Show which airs on WWE Network and also hosts Knight Fight which airs on the History Channel.

Knight Fight is exactly what it sounds like and Christian described the show in more detail when he spoke with Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

“In some circles it’s known as Medieval MMA or Knight Fight Club,” Christian said of Knight Fight. “They are actual knights and compete all over the world?They compete in full suits of armor with full size and scale weapons that you would see in different periods of history. They’re obviously blunted so no one’s losing limbs or anything.

“It’s an underground sport but this is a big stage for the competitors to get on The History Channel and show what they can do. $10,000 can change some of these guys’ lives so they’re going for it.”

For those unfamiliar with the structure of the show, Christian gave an overview.

“The competition starts with the Grand Melee with the six competitors fighting at the same time,” stated Christian. “We then whittle it down to four, split them apart and put them in a Team Melee. The winning team gets separated and we put them into a duel with the winner winning the show.”

For a former professional wrestler, Knight Fight sounds like it would be something right up Christian’s alley if only he was 20 years younger.

“I wouldn’t at 45, but at 25 I’d give it a try to see how it is,” Christian said before adding that the knights have roughly 80 pounds of armor on them in addition to a helmet that limits their peripheral vision.

Christian talked about how difficult it is for the guys just to get up off the canvas with all of the extra weight on them and compared their spirit to that of wrestlers.

“These guys are different breeds. Much like a wrestler, they’re just a different breed,” said Christian.

Even with all of the armor and the weapons being blunted, that doesn’t mean the show is lacking in brutality. Christian told a story about a giant knight who competed in an early episode and how the other knights teamed up to try to take him down. During the course of battle the giant knight left himself exposed and was chopped in the back with an axe which sent him to the ground.

“He wasn’t moving and I actually said, obviously this didn’t make air, but I said, ‘He’s f***ing dead!’ I said that out loud while commentating but 30-40 seconds later he picked himself off the dirt and went on to win the entire show,” said Christian.

“Much like independent wrestling?we were working for very little money and were doing it because we loved it and had a passion for it. I see that very much with these knights as well.”

The season finale airs tonight and Christian is hopeful of a season two, but isn’t sure about the future.

“I’m not sure. We’ll see what happens. We have the season finale and it’s been pretty well received. I would hope?. We’ll keep our fingers crossed and we’ll see. I haven’t heard anything yet,” said Christian.

Speaking about his other show, the Edge and Christian Show, Christian discussed what they were trying to do differently with the second season which aired on WWE Network.

“Season 1 we were trying to figure out what it was because a show like this had never been done before?We changed up writers and different things and by the fourth or fifth episode we started to get the essence of what the show was,” stated Christian.

“For that first season we were writing in chunks and we would shoot in chunks and we’d right in chunks and shoot in chunks. For the second season, we took some time and shacked up with the Edge and Christian writing team for a week and wrote the entire season.

“We had it all on paper and had our wish list of who we wanted for different stuff and luckily we had that early enough so that we pretty much got everyone for every specific skit that we wanted to get done. That showed in the product at the end how much better it came off because we were more prepared for the second season.”

The change in the production of the show seemed to have paid off based on the feedback Christian has gotten from viewers.

“It’s been really well received and I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback and, at the end of the day, that’s what it’s about. We put a lot of work and effort into it, but at the end of the day if people are entertained and get some laughs from it, our job is done,” stated Christian.

Part of the reason why the show was so well-received could be from the freedom that Edge and Christian received in creating their skits.

“We have a lot of creative freedom and?there wasn’t much [push-back] if any,” said Christian. “It makes it easier when it’s like, ‘Here’s your platform to do what you need to do.’

“That stuff we did with pushing the envelope, I think the wrestling fans?that’s what they enjoy.”

One of Christian’s favorite skits was when he and Edge got to work with Shawn Michaels on the Nil Mascares episode. He talked about working with an all-time great like HBK.

“The thing is, is that he’s probably the best to ever do it in the ring and he’s a guy that we all admired,” said Christian. “But luckily we became good friends with him and he has that personality. When we were on the road together, Shawn, [Edge] and I would almost hide in our own little room and tell those kind of jokes and make each other laugh and just do silly, dumb stuff. We just hit it off and had this great rapport.

“We hand him the script and he starts laughing and he’s like, ‘You guys are crazy. Of course I’ll do this.’

“He understands what it is and he’s never been a guy that’s afraid to do some funny stuff?The script is very light and there’s freedom to do your own thing and ad-lib and he did that quite a bit and it came off really well.”

Knight Fight, hosted by former WWE World Champion Christian, will present it’s season finale tonight on the History Channel at 11/10 CT.

The full audio from Christian’s exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc was included in today’s WINCLY podcast. It can be heard in the embedded player below. In it Christian discusses the season finale of Knight Fight tonight on the History Channel, a possible season two for the series, a possible future for him on the WWE Kick-Off Show panels, a recent, scary “ladder bump” that he took, why he won’t be returning to in-ring action, a possible induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, Beth Phoenix getting beat down at Fastlane, working with Shawn Michaels on the E&C Show for the WWE Network and more.

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