Moose Discusses Which Areas Of His Game He Wants To Improve On

Impact Wrestling is headed towards a showdown with Lucha Underground at United We Stand. It will be the best of the best from each promotion in an eight-man tag match and Moose will be representing Team Impact.

Before that matchup, Moose joined our WINCLY to discuss the team dynamics

"It's definitely a big match," Moose said of teaming with Johnny Impact, Brian Cage and Eddie Edwards to take on DAGA, Drago, Aerostar and King Cuerno. "It's definitely gonna be a great match ? probably one of the best matches and best cards of the weekend. I'm excited to be representing Team Impact."

The foursome in Team Impact haven't always gotten along as there have been many feuds within the individuals. But Moose contends that the four of them can be professional and work together.

"If you look at the stuff going on with [Johnny] Impact and Cage, and the history of myself with Impact and with Cage?. Right now, it's not looking good but I figured just for one night we can get our heads together and make it work," said Moose.

Moose got a late start in the wrestling industry as he was a pro football player before that. He made his debut in 2012 and says that he is still evolving in the ring as he gains more experience.

"A personal goal of mine is to get better every single time I'm in the office. Every time I've been presented with an opportunity, I've made the best out of it," said Moose.

"All you can do is work on the things you can control and the way I act and wrestle is under my control."

When asked which area he was looking to improve in, Moose pointed to his mic work and showcasing more of his personality.

"It's a lot," Moose responded on what he can do better. "There's no perfect wrestler. Every time I step in the ring I wanna be as charismatic and as smooth, or even better, than I was the last time I was in the ring."

Moose will represent Team Impact as they take on Team Lucha Underground at Impact Wrestling's United We Stand on April 4th. The event takes at 11 pm EST from Rahway, NJ and will be streamed live on Twitch.

The full audio of our interview with Moose was included in a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It is embedded in the audio player below. In the full interview Moose discusses representing Team Impact at United We Stand, his flashy clothes, the launch of the XFL, what his goals are for 2019 and more.

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