The AEW Double or Nothing card is slowly starting to fill out and the event will mark the return of the Over the Budget Battle Royale. Just a couple of names have been announced so far for the match but one of those is Sonny Kiss.

Kiss has worked for both Lucha Underground and Capitol Wrestling, and he joined our WINCLY podcast to discuss how his AEW signing came about.

"I was speechless first of all," Kiss said on being one of the first AEW talents. "I knew for quite a bit before it was announced, but I had to keep it a secret. I was overwhelmed, overjoyed, every amazing emotion you could think of.

"I'm so excited to be a part of something so groundbreaking and I thank Cody and Brandi and The Bucks and everybody for just believing in me."

The story of how every wrestler got their big break is unique, and Kiss' story is so 2019 as it came via a common social media practice.

"I met Brandi a few times and…she shot her shot [laughs]. She slid into my DMs. Yeah, it was Brandi who was the one who reached out," revealed Kiss.

With Kiss being affiliated with both Lucha Underground and Capitol Wrestling, Brandi also wanted to make sure that Kiss would be available to work for AEW.

"I don't wanna talk too much, but it was more along the lines of how anyone would approach or inquire about signing someone [already under contract]. You approach them seeing if they are able to work without any conflict. We were able to settle that and that's how it went," stated Kiss.

Speaking of Lucha Underground, Kiss also talked about his current status with the company amid rumors that the show may not return for season five.

"At the moment, I will simultaneously be with AEW and Lucha Underground," said Kiss. "They have a partnership going on, so it does make it easier to be with both. It's just for the time being, but we'll see what happens...

"I'm trying to be [optimistic about season five], I really am. I think everyone kinda has their shoulders up. I'm optimistic there will be one, but I don't know. I'm hoping for season five and hoping it's happening very soon. Also, just because being under that contract, a lot of us are looking to make some money.

"It has some issues with not being on TV right now. I'm not trying to say too much, you know what I mean [laughs]."

Before Kiss heads to Vegas for Double or Nothing in May, he has a date with Capitol Wrestling in April. Kiss discussed what the promotion has meant to him as he reaches the next chapter of his career.

"Capitol is like my home because it's really, really close to my house," said Kiss, a native of New Jersey. "Capitol allowed me to wrestle in my hometown which is really cool. My creative direction in Capitol has been excellent because I'm kind of like the hometown hero.

"I'm just so thankful to [co-founders] Marcus [Dowling] and Matthew [Ryan] for believing in me. It means a lot to my career because it's that one place where all the dedicated fans come and they're so loud with their Sonny chants.

"It's an amazing team, an amazing production…I feel like they are going to be something very special in the years to come just because of how much work they put into their product and how much effort they put into their storylines. I think they're gonna be an excellent product in the years to come and people are gonna know who they are. They are gonna be watching them on a lot of different streams and I just can't wait for it. I'm happy for them."

Sonny Kiss is one of the latest signings to AEW and will be participating in the Over The Budget Battle Royal at Double or Nothing. He will also be returning to Capitol Wrestling on April 7th in Newark, NJ for Ready or Not.

The full audio for Wrestling Inc's exclusive interview with Sonny was included in today's episode of our WINCLY podcast, which can be heard in the embedded player below. During the full interview Sonny discusses working for AEW and Lucha Underground at the same time, the future of Lucha Underground, why he was embarrassed at the AEW ticket launch party in Vegas, being an "authentic" feminine gay man in pro wrestling, AEW's diverse roster, being a role model for young gay children watching pro wrestling and more.

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