Since Brock Lesnar's UFC intentions remain unclear, an adversary from his MMA past is now getting into wrestling to match up with Lesnar again. Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir has transitioned over to the wrestling side and had his first match just a few nights before WrestleMania 35.

Mir participated in Josh Barnett's Bloodsport over WrestleMania weekend and he was victorious over another "Beast" in Dan Severn. But the real headlines came after the match when Mir cut a promo and vowed to make Lesnar the first in-ring death in wrestling.

"Yes, I'm getting into [wrestling] so I can face Brock," Mir said. "I couldn't make him the first Octagon-related death, but maybe I can make him the first one in the ring."

Mir and Lesnar first faced off at UFC 81 in 2008 which was Lesnar's debut with the promotion and just his second professional MMA fight. Mir defeated Lesnar with a kneebar and the two had a rematch a year later in a UFC Heavyweight Championship unification bout.

Lesnar won that second meeting via TKO and Mir has been angling for a grudge match since then. In 2010 Mir also projected an early death for Lesnar by saying he wanted him to be the first MMA fighter to die from Octagon-related injuries.

It seems as just when Mir is getting into wrestling, Lesnar may be on the way out. He isn't advertised for any future WWE dates and it's believed that his contract expired after WrestleMania 35.

If Lesnar is to return to MMA, it appears that he would have his sights set on another heavyweight in Daniel Cormier. Lesnar has been in talks with UFC about a title fight against Cormier and DC wasn't shy about mocking Lesnar following his WrestleMania loss.