Moose Claims Dixie Carter "Lost The Company" Before New Impact Management Came In

Dixie Carter is still a minority owner of Impact Wrestling, but the promotion has been under the ownership of Anthem Sports & Entertainment for over two years now.

Moose has been with the company since 2016 so he's experienced both recent "eras" of Impact. He talked about how differently Impact is run now when he held a Q&A before United We Stand.


"I feel like the company is run more professionally compared to when I was here," Moose told our Nick Hausman. "Nothing against Dixie, she's an awesome lady. But I felt that she 'lost the company a little bit' and people were doing whatever they wanted.

"Now there is more accountability between the staff and the boys. I feel like it's only going to get better from now on."

Moose spent seven years in the NFL before giving wrestling a try and he says his transition to the ring was seamless because of his passion for the business.

"It was pretty easy. I've learned in 34 years of living that if you have a passion to do something, the transition?it goes pretty smoothly and becomes really easy," stated Moose.


"My transition was smoother than expected because I really have a passion for this."

Another guy who could make the transition from the gridiron to the ring is Rob Gronkowski and Moose weighed in on Gronk's retirement from football.

"I knew it was coming pretty soon because Gronk's body has been through a lot. I feel like every offseason I hear about some major surgery that he's getting done," said Moose.

"I think he needs to enjoy the money he's made and see what else is out there in life."

Staying on football, Moose was asked about the failure of the AAF which lasted all of eight weeks before suspending operations.

"Starting a business is very tough and the AAF folding proved that," stated Moose. "If you compare it to Impact, I feel like the media has wanted Impact to fail since it started in 2002. We're still running strong so that's my say on that."

Moose said that he went to AAF game and it was packed so he was surprised to hear about it folding. He also said that the AAF folding puts even more pressure on the XFL to be successful.

Last year Moose turned heel and has embraced being a bad guy. He says that constantly reinventing yourself is paramount to staying relevant.

"When I first came into pro wrestling, I was a clean-cut babyface. It got to the point where the original Moose character was getting stale and I needed to reinvent myself. I think it's always a good thing to reinvent yourself. You don't wanna be the same guy for years because then you get boring," said Moose.