Booker T Weighs In On Sasha Banks' Frustrations With WWE

Sasha Banks' status with WWE continues to be murky with the latest reports being that she plans on sitting out the remainder of her WWE contract, no matter how much time remains.

Everyone has given their two cents on Banks and Booker T is the latest to do so on his The Hall of Fame w/ Booker T podcast.


"My take on this is that a lot of times things aren't made up sometimes to what you think they are. You can think things are a certain way when you get there, but when you finally get there you realize that it is not what you thought it was," said Booker.

"I remember a guy by the name of Avon Riley when I first started wrestling back in the day. The guy used to play for the Houston Oilers back in the day, and then he got out of football and wanted to get into wrestling and he realized that pro wrestling is nowhere near where he thought it was. He was out in a heartbeat, but there are those ones like Sasha Banks, who has all that talent and rises up to that top level and gets there and then realizes that it is not what she thought it was because the reason is that it is not all about you. It is never going to be about you."


Banks' frustration seems to center around the way she and Bayley were booked recently. The lost the Women's Tag Titles to The IIconics after believing they were in line for a lengthy run as the inaugural champions.

Booker says that swallowing your pride and just accepting what's scripted for you is the key to staying around in this business.

"I don't write the script and that is one of the reasons why I am here today: I never really cared about what the script was," revealed Booker. "Give it to me and let me go out and get it done. If it was something that I didn't disagree with, I was going to go out there and get it done. If I had disagreed with it, I would have said, hey, I don't agree with this. Let's change this because I am not doing it this way, then they would change it, and that is the way business has always been done with me. I can't say that with everybody, but with me that was how it was done.

"I never looked at pro wrestling any other way than being entertainment. I never looked at it like it was anything but storylines. I never looked at it like it was anything but Shakespeare with Romeo & Juliet, Phantom of the Opera. I never looked at it any other way than everyone getting their turn, but I must say that Sasha Banks has had a lot of success. How many women get in the business that never win?"


Booker then brought up someone like Ember Moon, who has never gotten a title shot since joining the main roster, as someone who has a right to complain. But Banks has been at or near the top of the women's division since her call-up and has had more opportunities than most.

"I am going to tell you right now Sasha Banks has had more life-changing moments than so many that have walked into this business. She is made and she can do anything she wants as far as this business goes from what she has gotten from this business," stated Booker. "So, I don't understand it. I can just say that. I don't understand it. I don't understand a lot of this stuff that goes on these days. We are in a totally different world right now as far as the pro wrestling business goes.

"Hey man, for me, it was all about the money and taking care of my family and to create moments along the way and memories to be able to touch people and at the same time being able to change their lives."

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