After AEW Double or Nothing finished up, Cody Rhodes confirmed Kenny Omega wrestled most of the match against Chris Jericho with a broken nose. Jericho defeated Omega and will now face Adam Page for the AEW World Championship at a later date.

“Let’s give it up for ‘The Cleaner,’ he just wrestle a match with a completely broken nose, Kenny Omega,” Cody said.

After the main event, Jericho demanded he get a thank you from everyone, but Jon Moxley (fka WWE’s Dean Ambrose) came through the crowd and attacked everyone in the ring. Omega then spoke for a moment about the match and Moxley showing up.

“I don’t want to talk too much,” Kenny struggled. “I’m so proud of everyone and I should be mad, mad for losing, but Moxley. I’m not going to thank you, Chris. I’m going to thank you, Moxley, because tonight?this is kind of clever because we’re in Vegas. You just raised the stakes.”

Cody got back on the mic to talk some more about AEW and thank the crowd.

“Did you guys have a good time tonight?” Cody wondered. “We said the word ‘revolution’ but there’s a more appropriate term, this right here is a family. This right here is for everybody who was told they couldn’t, who was told they’re less than. None of us are, mediocre love company and that is not us. This is All Elite Wrestling, you are All Elite Wrestling! Let me ask you where we go next, whether it be Chicago, Jacksonville, all around the world, will you follow us?”