We've noted how Paul Heyman has been doing media to promote tonight's WWE RAW episode, which will feature Brock Lesnar announcing who he will cash in his Money In the Bank title shot against. Heyman also spoke with ComicBook.com to promote tonight's show. Heyman confirmed that they plan on announcing a match with either WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins or WWE Champion Kofi Kingston.

"This Monday we plan, as of now, coming out on television announcing which champion will have the Sword of Damocles over his head with Brock Lesnar, the greatest assassin in WWE history, holding a literal contract on their title reign," Heyman said. "If the one champion gets a reprieve, then the other champion title reign gets a death sentence."

Heyman was asked about recent comments made by WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray, who suggested WWE have Heyman take over as the head of SmackDown creative when the blue brand jumps to Fox in October. Heyman previously worked as SmackDown's head writer in the early 2000,s and helped the show beat RAW for a time. Heyman seemed open to the idea.

"I have interest in anything that serves the product and whether that's performing with Brock Lesnar, or producing Brock Lesnar, or working with Ronda Rousey, or any of the new talents that are about to explode in 2019 and 2020," Heyman said. "I serve at the pleasure of the WWE audience and so that every one knows I'm not just paying lip services with that statement. Please note, I didn't give the politically correct, public relations statement of 'I serve at the pleasure of the WWE Universe.' I meant what I said, I serve at the behest and the pleasure of the WWE audience. Anything that I can do to deliver to them a better product, a more forward thinking presentation, a more innovative approach to what WWE and or sports entertainment should be in 2020, 2021, 2022 etc., moving forward, that's what I'm interested in being involved in."

We've noted how WWE NXT Superstar Matt Riddle has talked for months about how he wants to be the one to retire The Beast. Heyman said Riddle is smart for calling his shot and making the bold claim against Lesnar.

"I think Matt Riddle is a very smart man because he knows Brock Lesnar's the biggest box office attraction in WWE and Matt Riddle is looking to pick a fight and make a lot of money with Brock Lesnar," he said. "Brock Lesnar is the biggest box office attraction that could walk between these two universes, not only today, but in history. I applaud Matt Riddle and everyone else for calling out Brock Lesnar's name because if you called out anybody else's you're automatically starting at second best."