Willie Mack is well traveled but he appears to have finally found a home with Impact Wrestling. He agreed to a long-term deal and spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast to discuss why Impact was the best option for him.

“Everyone wants to come through and get a shot at Impact Wrestling. They partnered up with Lucha Underground and Rockstar and all of these other companies to make their product a little different than everybody else’s. If they keep sticking to that formula, it would be for the better,” said Mack.

Mack is one of the many Lucha Underground talents who is unsure if the series will ever return. Lots of those wrestlers had problems getting out of their Lucha Underground deals and Mack was asked if he was free and clear of the Lucha contract.

“I’m not sure because I’m still a part of them,” revealed Mack. “If they want me, they can call me. But I’m just trying to do other stuff and keep everything going and positive because I’m a chill dude and I’m just gonna sit this thing out and see what happens.”

Lucha Underground sent a cease and desist letter to NWA and ROH regarding many of their talents. That made things even murkier for Mack in regards to his status.

“I’m not too sure about that because I hear one thing from one person and then another thing from someone else. I don’t know what to believe and go with the flow. As long as I’m still able to wrestle, I’m happy,” stated Mack.

Mack won the NWA National Championship at the promotion’s 70th Anniversary Show in October. But he then lost it to Colt Cabana last month and he talked about his run with NWA as well as working with ROH.

“It was great because I was the first one in years,” Mack said of winning the title which had been dormant for a year-and-a-half.” And then with ROH, just like Impact, I knew everybody in the locker room. I know all of the office folks. It was a good locker room but I guess now that I’m with Impact, I’m just gonna stick around. But it was fun working with them.”

Impact Wrestling has struck up many partnerships over the years and Mack was asked if he would like to see them work with one of his former promotions in PWG.

“They could since they’re using everybody from all these other companies. Why not just partner up and do something,” asked Mack. “The thing I wanna see in wrestling is everybody working together. WWE and everybody else is all at each other’s throats, but it’s pro wrestling and we’re all trying to make money.

“If they join up, they don’t realize how much money they can generate and get more fans back into it. You see dream matches with a dude from one company vs. a dude from another that you never thought would happen. I don’t know if other people see that big picture, but that’s what I’m trying to get.”

Willie Mack can be seen every Friday not on Impact Wrestling, available via Pursuit and Twitch.

Mack’s full interview was included in a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded player at the bottom of this post. In the full interview Mack discusses his new multi-year contract with Impact Wrestling, his goals in Impact, whether he negotiated with AEW or WWE, his Lucha Underground status, the return of Jon Moxley, his WWE release and more.

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