Following WWE Stomping Grounds, the WWE Network premiered a new 365 on WWE superstar Alexa Bliss. The special focuses on Bliss's journey in wrestling and personal life from WrestleMania 34 until WrestleMania 35.

One segment of the special hones in on Bliss's emotional and controversial storyline with Nia Jax which crescendoed in a WWE RAW Woman's Championship match at WrestleMania 34. Bliss said that the feud was based from real life situations around the two performers past body image issues. According to Bliss, Jax had experienced body shaming while Bliss had suffered from eating disorders.

"The storyline with Nia Jax is my favorite one because we touched on real issues," Bliss said. "We both are really big on body positivity. Nia had had a past of getting bullied and body shamed. I had struggled with eating disorders that almost took my life. It was a great story because it was real.

"It's no secret that Nia and I are best friends," Bliss claimed. "To see Nia holding the title up and knowing that my best friend is having her Wrestlemania moment and I was able to share that with her was awesome. We did the best job at our abilities to make the payoff and show that bullies never win and the good guy will prevail because of the story we had told leading up to it."

Another personal note that 365 highlighted was Bliss's physical and emotional issues she experienced due to her past eating disorders. Bliss notes that she had implant surgery at seventeen to help her feel more womanly and eventually move beyond her body image problems.

"There's a lot of rumors about it like, 'Oh did Alex Bliss get implants?' I've had implants since I was seventeen," Bliss said. "I'm very open and honest about it. When I had my eating disorder I got down to eighty-five pounds. My doctor told my mom said if [I] don't get admitted I will die. They treated my health symptoms, they didn't treat the mental side of it.

"The second time I was hospitalized they treated it like a mental disorder and a mental illness and that's actually when it started getting better. So, I was very self-conscience about my body and the fact that I felt like I looked like a seven year old boy. There are studies that show [implants] helps women recover from eating disorders because they feel more womanly and they feel better about their bodies and their self image. All the doctors in on this one procedure were my pediatrician, my eating disorder doctor, my psychologist, my psychiatrist. I will never regret doing that for myself because it helped me get over my eating disorder and my body image issues."

Bliss also credits her best friend Erin for helping her move past her mentally move beyond her disorders. Bliss said that it took Erin's advice to help shape a new perspective on her issues which was ultimately the catalyst for Bliss's recovery.

"My friend Erin was with me, my best friend Erin," Bliss said. "She was my rock to the point where I didn't feel comfortable eating unless Erin was there. She was one of the things that mentally made me say I needed to get over my eating disorder because I remember her asking me one day, she's like, 'Lex, if you think you're out of shape and fat, what do you think I look like?' That was really hard to hear because the fact that what I was doing was affecting other people, my best friend for that matter. I wouldn't wish what I had gone through to my worst enemy, let alone my best friend.

What I was doing was making her so insecure herself and that was something that clicked with me and mentally made me want to get better. It was for me but it was for Erin as well because I couldn't be the responsibility for her feeling bad about herself."

Alexa Bliss fell short to SmackDown Woman's Champion Bayley on Sunday night at Stomping Grounds for the SmackDown Woman's Championship.

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