Eli Drake took to Twitter today and announced that he is now a free agent. The former Impact World Heavyweight Champion is now taking bookings via [email protected]

Drake noted that he experienced some ups and downs during his 4 year run with Impact, but he thanked them for the overall great experience.

"After 4 years with Impact Wrestling, some ups, some downs, I would like to thank them for the overall great experience," the statement read. "Through those years, I had the fortune of carrying 3 different title belts, having my own talk show (Fact of Life), and was always given the trust to craft my own promos, virtually from day 1. I appreciate the chance that was taken on me and the trust I was given, as well as the friends and experiences I gained along the way. I wish Impact Wrestling nothing but continued success and growth going forward.


It will be interesting to see if Drake ends up with WWE or AEW. He appeared on The Wrestling Perspective podcast back in late March and commented on rumors of WWE interest.

"I looked at [the rumor that WWE was interested in Eli Drake], and I'm like, 'Well, nobody's contacted me! So, what's the source?'" he joked. "I mean, I've talked to people there that I'm friendly with, or, whatever, certain coaches that I'm friendly with and stuff like that. Definitely people have been like, 'I think you would do well here', but nobody has overtly made me an offer. There was nothing like that."

He also commented on AEW possibly being an option in that same interview.

"I know AEW is out there, all of that stuff, so, the fact is, there's a lot of options at this point," Drake said. "This is a time where, truth be told, I run up on May 31 at Impact, so, if that's the case, it's time to start thinking about what options I have, things like that."

Drake had been released from his Impact contract on April 7, weeks before it was to expire on May 31, and that the company was looking to stop him from signing with any other promotions by pursuing a breach of contract claim against him. It was believed that Drake had heat for speaking out against intergender wrestling.

There's no word yet on if WWE or AEW has any real interest in picking Drake up, but we will keep you updated. You can see his full Twitter statement below: