One of the stars to emerge from Double or Nothing was MJF, both for his performance in the Casino Battle Royal and for his promo on Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

MJF also worked All In and he talked about the process of joining AEW when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

“It was a pretty easy one because my best friend, my mentor, Cody Rhodes ? he said, ‘MJF, we need a future face of the company. We need somebody we can put this company on the back of.’ I met Cody in Canada for Alpha-1 Wrestling and that’s how the relationship started,” said MJF.

“I did All In and had the best performance on that show and then I got hit up by TK, that’s Tony Khan if it’s above your listeners’ heads, and they sent me a nice little contract.”

Many think MJF stole the show at Double or Nothing and he talked about the memories he took away from the event.

“Backstage when I was done cutting the greatest promo in the history of wrestling, TK and Cody met me with high fives and hugs,” revealed MJF. “Everybody was so excited and so amped because that moment we created history. Out comes Bret Hart who many claim as the “Best there is. Best there was. And best there ever will be” and I completely outshine him.

“It was a tremendous moment and I’ll never forget it until the day I die.”

Hart was on hand to unveil the AEW World Championship and MJF was asked if his promo on Hart was scripted.

“Everything that comes out of my mouth is 110 percent authentic. That’s the difference between me and these losers who try to be confident and try to be anywhere near as good as me. I’m never gonna have some schmuck writer walk up to me and be like, ‘Oh, MJF I had this idea.’ No! I would rip the paper up, chew on it and spit it in his face. I don’t need help being me because I am the only me. There will never be anyone like me ever again,” stated MJF.

While the Hart promo was a hit, MJF’s night didn’t start off as great as he finished as the runner-up in the Casino Battle Royal. He was asked about coming up just short to Hangman Page.

“That is fake news. That is absolutely not what happened,” replied MJF. “What happened was I threw Hangman Page over the top rope and his feet hit the floor. The camera didn’t catch that and I’m having my lawyer look into it by the way. He then hops back up to the apron, hit a buckshot and then threw me over the top rope.”

MJF says Hangman Page couldn’t beat him with both his hands tied behind his back and his win was a fluke. He then compared him and Page to the tortoise and the hare.

“He’s got a bum knee and obviously he’s not going to be able to beat Chris Jericho [for the World Title]. If he was intelligent, he would have relinquished his title shot to me so I can give the world an amazing inaugural AEW World Champion,” said MJF who was also asked if Page should put his title shot on the line against him.

“150 million percent?Yes, he absolutely should put that up for grabs for me because I am the person that should be in the match in the first place.”

MJF then responded to Jericho for saying he is owed a thank you for MJF being in the position he’s in.

“Chris is a great guy and we get along great,” stated MJF. “But here’s the thing: unless you’re Cody Rhodes, I’m not begging you for anything. [Jericho’s] not the reason I’m at the dance. There’s two reasons why I’m at the level I’m at right now: No. 1 is mwah and No. 2 is Cody Rhodes.

“So, I’m not going to thank him. There are other guys in the locker room that absolutely should thank him.”

MJF also said he is the reason for the Double or Nothing sell out, not Jericho. But he did admit that Jericho is an all-time great and agrees 110 percent that he is a Hall of Famer.

The card for Fyter Fest is starting to fill out and MJF was asked about his status for AEW’s second event.

“I don’t believe that’s none of your business, Nick. Next question.”

MJF is an active member of the AEW roster. He will be seen every week on TNT when AEW TV goes live each week this October.

Wrestling Inc’s full interview with MJF was included as part of a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded player at the bottom of this post. In the full interview MJF discusses why he didn’t lose the Casino Battle Royal at AEW’s Double or Nothing, why he signed with AEW, who scripted his promo on Bret Hart, if he owes Chris Jericho a thank you, his BFF Cody Rhodes smashing Triple H’s throne, Jon Moxley’s explosive interview with Chris Jericho, how he feels about Jerry Lynn and more.

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