Cody Rhodes received 12 staples to the back of the head after being struck with an unprotected chair shot by Shawn Spears at Saturday night's AEW Fyter Fest event. Spears ran to the ring after Cody's match with Darby Allin went to a time limit draw and delivered the blow.

AEW has been receiving some criticism for the chair shot. At the post-event media scrum, AEW President Tony Khan revealed that the chair was actually gimmicked, however something went wrong. The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson, also noted during the scrum that the chair shot did not go off as planned.

"You think it was unprotected, and I'll keep it at that," Nick replied after being asked about the unprotected chair shot. "That was all Cody's idea.

"I don't even know what happened, to be honest. All I know is he did get staples, so I'm going to have to look back and I'll have a comment on it later. I do know that they 'gimmicked' the chair and it clearly didn't work since he was bloody."

When asked by Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman about AEW's protocol regarding such an injury, Khan stated that they had precautions in place.

"We called a doctor immediately," Khan said. "Obviously really regrettable what happened. I don't know if this is the time to go into detail about what happened but we had taken precautions in this situation and that specific situation. A doctor was available and Cody does not have a concussion and had staples and we're all very grateful for that."

WWE had banned chair shots to the head in 2010. Triple H hit The Undertaker with an unprotected chair shot at WrestleMania XXVII in 2011, and WWE announced publicly that both men were fined for the stunt.

You can watch the full scrum with The Young Bucks in the video above.

Jeffrey Needham contributed to this article.