TJP joined the Wrestling Epicenter to talk about the negative reaction Enzo Amore received when Ring of Honor almost brought him, his experience at last week's Impact TV tapings in NYC, and Wikipedia saying he's signed to Impact.

Back in April at the G1 Supercard, ROH had Enzo Amore and Big Cass "invaded" the show after a winner-take-all ROH and IWGP Tag Team Championship match. The duo would get into a brawl with The Briscoes and Bully Ray at ringside, although most of it wasn't shown on PPV. The appearance reportedly didn't sit well with everyone backstage and nothing else was done between the two sides since. Both Enzo and TJP are former WWE 205 Live Stars, and TJP was asked if he was surprised by the reaction Enzo received.

"Yes and no," TJP began. "He knows what he's doing, for one. And, I know people don't want to believe this but the reality is, this is people trying to control their own social narrative when they say 'There's a difference between good hate and bad hate.' [Laughs] The reality is there really isn't. Tension is a necessary product in entertainment. You have to have tension. I mean, I was all right with him. I get it, though. I have patience for that sort of thing. We don't hang out or anything. But, he gets it. And, he knows how to accentuate that all the time in order to create that tension. So, it doesn't surprise me. But, I still think it is a useful tool to have that tension. It just is all in how you use it."

Earlier this month, Impact Wrestling held its latest TV tapings from New York City. TJP was brought in to work the tapings and said he was impressed by not only the talent, but how everyone gets along compared to his previous runs with the company.

"Everything was positive in that it is and it isn't [the same place I left a few years ago]," TJP responded. "The roster is still a hell of a roster. I might say this might be the best roster that they have ever had in terms of the amount of talent and the talent that they have. There is so much diversity but there is so much unity. There used to be so many tiers of the type of guy in the locker room. Now, everybody, basically, is all in one room! Everyone is all together and there is no separation.

"So, as much as you have all this talent from all over and they're all so talented, there is no separation there. That was a company I was kind of like the R2D2 of in seeing the backstage of it through the years. I was there in the early days, the middle days, the later days. I've seen all the transitions and this is by far the most talented locker room they've ever had but they're all together. That is very refreshing. And, the administration is very approachable, very flexible, and very encouraging. That is different than it used to be and a pleasant surprise. It was really cool to see it."

Wikipedia apparently said he was signed with Impact Wrestling, but TJP said that's not correct as he's still enjoying the freedom to work for multiple promotions.

"No, that is not the case," TJP confirmed. "There is a connection on this flight, but the plane hasn't landed yet is the best way to put it. I think there are more stops in the future, but there is no contracts right now. It is a place I'd like to keep on the horizon. On the other side as well, I know that they're interested in having me back. But, my schedule is so packed! That is the thing, I'm enjoying my freedom. So, wherever I do land, it has to come with a certain amount of flexibility for me. I don't know that I really want to give this freedom up maybe ever again. I don't know."

In this interview TJP also talked about AEW being like WCW, but in reverse. You can listen to TJP's full comments in the video above.