Triple H spoke with to the media last weekend after WWE’s second Saudi Arabian based pay-per-view event Super Show Down.

Triple H, the mind behind WWE developmental brand NXT, said that NXT’s staple pay-per-view TakeOver could eventually find itself being hosted in Saudi Arabia. The key factor would be discovering talent from the area first before developing them into the NXT system.

“The goal is to be able to find talent here, recruit talent here, train talent, and to be able to build something off the ground here,” Triple H said. “Now, whether that’s bringing in NXT TakeOver here or whether that’s building a brand here will yet to be determined. It just depends on how quickly we can find talent and how quickly we can train them.”

WWE has always been a global brand but within recent years, WWE has made big efforts in expanding to all areas of the world. NXT specially has begun its own United Kingdom roster, NXT UK, where it holds its own England-based events.

You can check out Triple H’s comments below: