AJ Awesome is a 9-year-old wrestling fan who already has his feet wet in the wrestling broadcasting business. He’s interviewed wrestlers such as Ryback and Kenny Omega, and he was also credentialed at AEW’s Double or Nothing.

AJ talked about many topics including his earliest wrestling memory when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

“My first show was going to Harley Race’s WLW here in Troy (Missouri). I was three years old and at first I was really scared of the people landing on the ring, but after a show or two I got used to it. So I just started liking wrestling,” said AJ who added that he really hasn’t seen a lot of Harley Race’s matches.

Most 9-year-olds are usually playing video games or getting into team sports, but not AJ. He talked about why he started interviewing wrestlers.

“I like YouTube and also I like wrestling,” stated AJ. “I also like a bunch of music interviewers so I thought why don’t I be one?”

He then talked about the first ever interview he did with a local wrestler in Missouri.

“He was really nice and his name was Outcast. He’s a St. Louis wrestler and was very nice to let me interview him. So, I was happy that he agreed to the interview,” said AJ.

“I ask them questions that aren’t about wrestling every once in a while, but I talk about mostly wrestling.”

Along those lines, AJ once asked Dustin Rhodes if he liked pineapple on his pizza to which Rhodes said no, “I guess vegetarians don’t each much pizza because they don’t have many options.”

AJ is a big fan of AEW and the indies even though he may not be in their targeted demographic. As a kid, he is definitely in WWE’s demo but he explained why he isn’t a fan of them.

“I don’t really watch WWE that much anymore. I’m not really that interested anymore because they don’t have crazy stuff that much, except for the Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley thing. That was pretty cool,” AJ said before being asked what he’d like to see more from WWE.

“I wanna see more no-DQ matches and more violence; that’s what I mean by crazy.”

AJ then spoke about how he got in with the AEW crew and was able to be a part of their post-show scrums.

“I first interviewed Cody and he really liked me, so he helped me a lot with my wrestling show,” AJ said of his YouTube channel getting lots of traffic.

With him being the only 9-year-old with a microphone at these press conferences, AJ talked about how he feels being a part of the AEW media scrums.

“I am very grateful for everyone in AEW for helping me get this opportunity and it’s really cool being the only kid in the press conferences,” AJ said before adding that he keeps his list of questions in a notebook.

He was then asked who his favorite interview has been and he gave the answer of someone wise beyond their years.

“I would say all of them because they were all really nice and really good to me,” replied AJ.

While interviewing is cool, it’s not the endgame for AJ. He was asked about future goals and he made it clear that he wants to be the one being interviewed instead of conducting the interviews.

“I started off interviewing wrestlers but I really want to be a pro wrestler when I grow up,” he said before being asked what his name and wrestling-style would be.

“AJ Awesome; I want to be like a crazy guy like Jon Moxley right now. I want to do a lot of death matches!

“I like being in danger.”

AJ can be found on YouTube with his show “The AJ Awesome Show” or via Twitter @AJAwesomeShow. His full interview with Wrestling Inc aired as part of today’s episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In it AJ discusses how he got started at such a young age, what it’s like to be in the AEW media scrums, what he thinks of WWE’s product, who his favorite wrestlers are, WWE’s 24/7 Championship, Bray Wyatt’s “The Fiend”, Marko Stunt and more.

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