While it was reported back in June that Maria and Mike Kanellis re-signed with WWE in a five-year contract, the two are still answering about their choices. Maria recently had to respond to false accusations, which was reported earlier this week.

Today on Twitter, Maria explained to one fan about why she re-signed with WWE. The fan was shocked to see her and her husband resign and would have liked them to have signed with Ring of Honor. Maria simply explained, “At the end of the day, WWE was where I started and it’s where I wanted to complete my career. And when they came to the table with the opportunity to have a family and career it sealed the deal. People think they know everything but it’s all in the details.”

Another person responded to that same post about her writing, “People think they know everything but it’s all in the details.” The Twitter user wrote, “No, people think that because you spent months complaining about WWE.”

She did respond to the tweet, “I’ll still ‘complain’ I have freedom of speech. I also have the ability to change things by using my voice. I.e. first woman to sign a contract with ROH, first woman to work long term with New Japan, etc… you may not like it. But I don’t do it for you.”

Before that post, Maria wrote about fans who complained that she wasn’t respected in 2009 because of her ditzy character and then in 2019, they are complaining that she was pregnant again and is a working mother.

Below are Maria’s tweets: