As noted, Mike and Maria Kanellis signed new five-year deals with WWE, reportedly worth $500,000 per year. On this week’s RAW, Kanellis joined her husband, Mike Kanellis, in a Mixed Tag Match against WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins and WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

At one point during the match, Kanellis got on the mic and informed everyone she was pregnant. Wrestling Observer Radio confirmed she was indeed pregnant, while PWInsider also noted Kanellis informed WWE that she was pregnant after they had signed their new deals.

Last night, Maria Kanellis tweet out about these reports, saying wrestling news sites were getting played by their sources.

“I’m starting to wonder when the Wrestling ‘News’ sites are gonna realize they are getting played by sources desperate for attention,” Kanellis wrote. “Attacking a pregnant women with false accusations could get you fired in another profession. Be professional. Do the research. Don’t become puppets.

“Furthermore, some of these ‘reporters’ used to beg me for interviews when I was on the indys. You want me to start taking photos of your emails and sending them out? I don’t think so. Just sit back and enjoy the show. Because I certainly am enjoying all of you looking like fools. That’s all I want to say on that. I’d rather do my job, enjoy my daughter, and rest for my pregnancy.”

Also, in responding to a fan, Kanellis said she wants to stay on the road as long as she medically can, and plans on returns after having the child.

“Yes I do, god willing,” Kanellis responded. “I also plan on working as long as my doctors approve.”