Ryback On Luke Gallows And Karl Anderson Re-Signing With WWE

With AEW now on the scene, WWE has gone the route of signing many of their talents to long-term deals to prevent them from jumping ship. Two of the recent names to agree to new contracts are Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.


Ryback talked about the two re-signing when Wrestling Inc's Raj Giri joined the Conversation with the Big Guy podcast.

"I'm happy for them. I've known Luke Gallows since Deep South Wrestling and Karl Anderson; they came up when I was still there and were brand new over there. I got along with Karl and can tell he's a really good guy. They both have families. I'm sure they got offered a good amount of money. For them to sign a 5-year deal, I'm sure they looked at that financially and were able to creatively get something. It'll be interesting to see how it will play out with them in WWE. They're notorious for doing this in that they will book you really good to get you to re-sign but then a few months down the line it seems to go away. It happens time and time again," Ryback said.


Ryback then talked about his situation with WWE when they offered him a new contract while he was the Intercontinental Champion. He said most people in that situation would re-sign with the belief that holding a title will be the norm going forward. But he also says he was low-balled a contract offer and their approach backfired.

"It had the opposite effect on me where I knew what was going on and it ended up working against me where they took the title off of me shortly afterwards because I didn't re-sign," Ryback revealed.

"It's a strategy, which works on some guys because some guys are after that sort of thing and they are living out day-to-day and not thinking years from now, but as long as they got what they wanted financially I commend them and am happy to see them being booked good again. We saw that they were off TV. People can see that they can erase you from the show and make you irrelevant very quickly, but they can make you relevant just as quickly again."

Gallows and Anderson reformed The Club with AJ Styles in late June. The duo had previously turned down offers of $500,000 from WWE so these new deals are expected to be even more than that.

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.