WWE Hall Of Famer Jimmy Hart Reveals His Favorite Current WWE Stars

Jimmy Hart got his start in the wrestling business in the late 1970s through a friendship with Jerry "The King" Lawler. Hart and Lawler were high school classmates in Memphis and Hart would late get involved in the Lawler-Andy Kaufman feud.

From there Hart would go on to work with the top wrestling promotions in the world, and he spoke more about landing with WWE on VOC Nation's Wrestling with History.

"I was working in Memphis and I received a phone call from Hillbilly Jim. He said that Howard Finkel saw my tapes and that they'd love to have me up there. I had been receiving calls from New York before that but I thought my guys were playing a rib on me," admitted Hart. "So I finally went to New York City and I got to work with King Kong Bundy and Greg the Hammer Valentine at the first Wrestlemania."

Hart spent eight years in WWE before jumping ship to WCW in 1994 as the manager of Hulk Hogan. He's since returned as part of the Legends deal and Hart spoke more about the joys of working for WWE.

"I've been so blessed to be doing this my whole life. If it wasn't for WWE I wouldn't be sitting talking to you right now," said Hart. "[I've worked with] some of the greatest names in wrestling: Bret Hart, Neidhart, Hulk Hogan, Brutus Beefcake?The Honkytonk Man?.I managed 23 different people. This past Wrestlemania, I inducted the Honkytonk Man into the Hall of Fame, and Hillbilly Jim the year before. When I left the building I told them, 'don't forget me next year, I have 17 more!' It's so great doing the Hall of Fame every year."

Hart still keeps up with the current WWE product and he talked about his favorite talent wrestling today, which clearly shows his love for blondes.

"I love watching Seth Rollins, I love watching Roman Reigns and I love watching the women; they are tremendous? I would like to team up Liv Morgan and Mandy Rose and call them 'If Looks Could Kill'. All of the girls are just so good; Charlotte Flair, Lacey Evans?they're all so good," stated Hart.