WWE Referee Charles Robinson Gets Help From The Soska Sisters Following Theft

Veteran WWE referee Charles Robinson has found some help in his effort to retrieve the horror movie memorabilia that was stolen from his storage unit earlier this year.

The Soska Sisters, Jennifer and Sylvia, who have worked with WWE Studios in the past as well as former WWE stars CM Punk and AJ Lee in the upcoming movie Rabid, have spoken out about their intentions to help Charles out.


"We saw your story, and we wanted to help you guys get results for Charles," Jennifer Soska told FOX 46 Charlotte.

The Soska Sisters revealed that their plan is to donate props from their past horror films to hopefully begin a new collection for Charles. They have also asked other horror movie actors, directors and collectors to step forward and contribute where they are able.

"It would be so nice if he had more than $50,000 of items returned," Jennifer said. "If it was like, It's a Wonderful Life of horror."

"The cool thing about the horror community is even though we seem pretty scary... we are the nicest, most generous kind of group," Sylvia added.

As noted, Robinson lost around $51,000 worth of horror movie memorabilia after it was stolen from his storage unit in May 2019, according to The Charlotte Observer. The unit contained about two-thirds of his collection.


"I was really shocked when I opened the storage unit door and noticed that the place was a mess and stuff was missing," Robinson told The Charlotte Observer. "I seriously felt like it was a nightmare, and once I realized this was really happening, I felt sick to my stomach. Then I got angry once I didn't get any assistance from the storage company.

"We were trying to figure out how they had gotten into the unit, because my lock was still in the door," Robinson continued. "The lock is a cylindrical lock that fit into a hole in the door. After inspecting the area, we noticed that there is a two-foot or more section above the door. It has a thin piece of flimsy aluminum in the middle of that. Apparently, someone can bend that back and crawl into the unit. Once inside, they just take a nut off of the back of the lock and gain access. The nut on the lock in my unit was missing."

Robinson told FOX 46 earlier this week that there is "no new news" regarding his search.

Joshua Gagnon contributed to this article.