Sasha Banks made her surprise return last week on RAW after a four-month hiatus that had many speculating she was looking to leave the WWE. Banks returned to attack an already-injured Natalya before taking out Becky Lynch with the help of a steel chair.

This heel turn has added a new dimension to the Banks character as she was a face and teaming with Bayley the last time we saw her. That has prompted Jerry “The King” Lawler to make an unlikely comparison to a WWE Hall of Famer.

“Sasha Banks reminds me a lot of Randy Savage,” Lawler said to Sports Illustrated. “They both share that unwavering tunnel vision, dead set on success, and not intimidated by anything or anyone because their goal is to get to the top.

“But honestly, even with the similarities, I’m not sure that Sasha wants to be compared to anyone. She wants people to know she’s the first-ever Sasha Banks, a character you’ll never forget.”

Apart from the flamboyance of Banks and the Macho Man character, both Superstars seem to have an unwavering focus on doing things their way which seems to be one of the reasons for Banks’ departure.

Lawler and Savage crossed paths briefly in WWE in the 1990s, but they worked together extensively in Memphis in the 70s and 80s. Lawler even beat Savage in a “Loser Leaves Town” match in 1985 which paved his way to joining WWE later that year.

Banks will appear on “The King’s Court” on Raw tonight where she will surely be asked about where she’s been, what brought her back and why she has this new attitude.

“Our audience wants to hear from Sasha, they want to get into her mind,” said Lawler. “We’ll find out what she was thinking and why she did what she did last week on Raw.”