When Josh Alexander joined Impact Wrestling earlier this year, he was immediately paired with his former PWG partner Ethan Page to form The North. At Bash at the Brewery, the duo captured their first tag titles by defeating LAX.

Alexander talked about being a first-time Impact champion when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

“I can’t say it hasn’t been great. When I came into Impact and we decided to form the tag team?we knew it would be a matter of time until we won the championship,” stated Alexander. “It’s all happened really fast but nothing surprising and I’m just looking forward to everything in the future.”

The North and LAX as just two tag teams in a deep tag team division in Impact Wrestling and Alexander glowed about it.

“From what I hear it is a growing division. I don’t know any names but right now I think we have some of the best tag teams around,” Alexander said before mentioning the Rascalz and Deaners as two of the best teams. “But we’re trying to put a stamp on tag team wrestling, much like The Revival has done in WWE. For a long time tag team wrestling got lost in the shuffle. There weren’t any tag teams that would stick together and with the influx of The Young Bucks trying to keep tag teams relevant, we’re trying to do the same thing in Impact.”

There is a bit of uncertainty about LAX’s status within Impact and if they will be a part of the tag team division going forward. But Alexander revealed that The North recently faced off against one-half of the team.

“Well Santana twisted his knee at Slammiversary and wasn’t at the last set of tapings, but we wrestled Ortiz and DAGA, and from what I hear they’re in Mexico,” said Alexander who added that he was humbled that LAX would request a match with The North.

“All the success they’ve had, they deserve because they bust their asses. As a tag team I think they fit perfectly together and I hope they never break up because I’m a huge fan.”

Another deep and talented division within Impact is the Knockouts Division which is getting even more talent. Tenille Dashwood was announced as a recent addition and Alexander talked about how impressed he’s been with the Knockouts.

“All women’s wrestling as a whole is great. I watched the WWE Evolution pay-per-view and it was my favorite pay-per-view of the year,” revealed Alexander. “Me and my wife watched it and it was our favorite show of the year. At Impact, all of the ladies have stepped up.

“I don’t know who is gonna have the match of the night, but I know the women are always pushing the envelope. If you watched Slammiversary and that Monster’s Ball Match, it was one of the craziest matches I’ve ever seen. Everyone is hungry and everyone is trying to prove a point.

“Tenille Dashwood coming in ? that’s the type of signing that Impact needs to make. Our roster is amazing and when you bring someone in like that with name value, it creates some buzz. That’s exactly what we need.”

Alexander brought up the Monster’s Ball match and he was asked if he would have taken the curbstomp into thumbtacks that Su Yung took.

“That was one of five spots I would not have taken,” admitted Alexander.