WWE NXT Superstar Matt Riddle took to Instagram this week and commented on Dolph Ziggler vs. WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg, which is reportedly planned for the August 11 SummerSlam pay-per-view.

Riddle wrote, "Make it a Triple Threat Bro! It's what the people want! #bro #ob #originalbro #kingofbros #stallion #splx #wwe #nxt #nxtuk #summerslam #brover"

As noted earlier this week, via the Wrestling Observer, WWE currently has Ziggler vs. The Miz announced for SummerSlam but that is said to be a red herring as Goldberg vs. Ziggler is the plan. Ziggler has taken shots at Goldberg for several weeks now on WWE TV, and Goldberg's return should be confirmed this coming week on the go-home SmackDown episode.

The Bro of NXT made headlines earlier this summer when he took several shots at Goldberg on Twitter, calling him the worst pro wrestler in the business at one point. Goldberg has had Riddle blocked on Twitter for some time due to comments Riddle made over the years. It was reported back in June that WWE officials were not upset with Riddle's anti-Goldberg comments.

You can see Riddle's full IG post below: