Seth Rollins Talks Intergender Wrestling, Says Twitter Is "Cesspool Of Negativity"

Before his WWE Universal Championship match against Brock Lesnar at next Sunday's SummerSlam PPV, Seth Rollins spoke to the Daily Star about intergender wrestling and his thoughts on social media.

In regards to intergender wrestling, Rollins says much like in the Olympics, men and women should compete separately, noting that in wrestling there should be at least some realism still in play during matches.

"There are places for it," Rollins began. "But this full on independent style women vs. men match where the women are chokeslamming the men? Our business is based in realism a little bit, so let's do that as best we can. I think let's live in a reality a little bit here, I am not saying women aren't as good as men because that is not the case.

"But there is a reason when you go to the Olympics there are men's and women's [sports], there is a reason you have men's and women's soccer, men's and women's basketball. It is not they aren't as talented, or they are not as good as athletes, but you just need to break it up. There are women out there who are incredible."

With social media, Rollins has had a couple run-ins with the masses after calling WWE the "best wrestling on the planet" and then having a back-and-forth with Will Ospreay. During their conversation, Rollins wanted to compare bank accounts, drawing the ire of fans. Rollins would later apologize for those comments.

When asked about Twitter, Rollins referred to it a "cesspool of negativity," noting that he can't wrap his head around the platform and the general negativity in the world today.

"Its funny because it's not just wrestling, it's not just WWE, that's kind of how it is in the world," Rollins said. "Twitter seems to be this cesspool of negativity where its so easy to focus on what you don't like rather than what you do like. People seem to band around negativity, I don't know if it's one of those misery loves company type things.

"Before it used to be you would hang out with three or four of your friends and talk about how you don't like things, now you hang out with three or four hundred of your friends and talk about how you don't like things. I don't know, maybe you get more responses on negative tweets or whatever. It is frustrating.

"I am coming from an era when we didn't have social media, when I was a teenager it was before social media was a thing. It about is trying to adapt to that culture but not really understanding why we use it so much for negativity. Even things like petitioning for a Game of Thrones re-shoot on the final season, or complaining about The Little Mermaid being black. I just can't wrap my head around it?maybe I am too old. I don't think it's a productive part of society when it's so negative the whole time."