Throughout a majority of his run in WWE, The Miz has always been known as a heel. The former WWE Champion and multi-time Intercontinental Champion thrived when fans hated him. Now, things have changed for the star of the Marine franchise.

Promoting Miz and Mrs. and SummerSlam on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, The Miz has seen a drastic change in how he is received by media and fans alike.

"For the past 13 years, I have been a villain," Miz stated in the above video. "I've been egotistical, arrogant, cocky, evil if you will. Now, with Miz and Mrs. coming along, I've turned into a good guy. People know Mike Mizanin now on my show and they look at me and they go, 'Oh, we like him.'"

For a guy like The Miz, it is a whole new experience for him. He embraces the level of hate he gets, while also contributing people liking him to his daughter, Monroe Sky.

"I'm used to people telling me I suck and that I'm a terrible human being," Miz continued. "I'm used to that, I love it on Twitter reading that stuff. I would rather them come at me on Twitter than some kid in high school that doesn't have the confidence that I have. Now, they just cheer me and love me and applaud me because of my show Miz and Mrs. It is my daughter, my one and a half year old. She is to die for, she is adorable and then that makes me adorable."

Originally scheduled to face Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam, plans were altered. According to Dave Meltzer, the match was a "red herring" and changes were being made to the SummerSlam card. Now, Ziggler will face Goldberg, who confronted Ziggler this past Monday on Raw during a Miz TV contract signing.

"There was a contract signing and I kind of tricked Dolph Ziggler," Miz went on to say. "He's been talking a lot of smack to Goldberg and so I thought I'd give the kid a chance. I figured I'll have so many opportunities at SummerSlam and Goldberg, this might be his last."

As of this moment, Miz does not have a match at SummerSlam. While Kimmel wondered if it was a result of his wife Maryse being close to delivering their second child, Miz denied. While it is unknown what WWE has planned for him, Miz knows he will make the most of it.

"I will be at SummerSlam and I will make an impact," Miz stated. "Anything I do, it doesn't matter if it is a match, a promo, if it is just a little small thing, I guarantee I will be the talk of SummerSlam."

The 2019 WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view takes place this Sunday, August 11 from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, at the Scotiabank Arena.