Ahead of NXT TakeOver: Toronto, Triple H did a media call regarding not only NXT but also the Performance Center. One of the newer faces who has been at the PC is Simone Johnson, better known as the daughter of The Rock.

Triple H was asked by Wrestling Inc's Raj Giri about Simone training at the PC and what it means for him to see a peer's daughter now in the business.

"Simone shares her father's, her mom's, her grandmother's, her entire family's passion for what we do and incredibly so," said Triple H. "She also shares her family's incredible work ethic much like they do. You hear her dad talk about being the hardest worker in the room and she shares that same work ethic and it didn't fall too far from the tree.

"It's awesome to see the next generation coming in… It makes me realize how old I am that Rock's daughter is training with us. Very cool and she's an extremely hard worker. If she wants this, much like her dad, there is nothing that will stop her."

It was also noted by Raj that The Rock himself dropped by the Performance Center recently and Triple H explained why he made a visit.

"His daughter's there on a fairly regular basis so sometimes he comes in to see his daughter just as any dad would and he's very proud of her," stated Triple H. "He came in there to lend his advice and if she's anything like my daughter she's probably like, 'Yeah dad, whatever. What do you know?'

"He was there as a proud papa and the wonderful thing about the PC - I feel it every time I'm there - it is like the fountain of youth. The buzz and vibe and excitement and energy is just infectious. You walk in there and there's this young, hungry, incredibly driven talent just grinding away. It's hard not to be inspired when you're there. It's hard not to walk out of there just invigorated. I leave there wanting to go to work for all these kids and do more for them because they're grinding.

"Anytime you see whether it's Rock, Austin, Shawn, X-Pac, Scott Hall, 'Taker – anytime they leave they say the same thing and are asking when they can come back because of that feeling. It's inspiring."

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