Impact Reportedly Pulling Killer Kross From Upcoming Event Due To Concerns Of Lawsuit

When Impact fans last saw Killer Kross, he was defeated by Eddie Edwards in a First Blood Match at Slammiversary XVII. Kross had a kendo stick jammed into his mouth during the match which resulted in blood and the loss, however, it turns out it was not his blood.


According to PWInsider, Kross refused to blade during the match because there was no outside medical personnel in attendance. Impact was forced to track down fake blood hours before the show to book the match and the finish as planned.

Kross hasn't been booked since then and Impact is reportedly planning to remove him from their September 15 AAA event in New York amid concerns that Kross will soon be suing Impact. PWInsider that no lawsuit has been filed as of this morning.

Kross' problems with the promotion precede Slammiversary as he's been in a contract standoff with Impact for months. He doesn't feel as though he's being compensated fairly and he made that clear during a July interview on our WINCLY podcast.


"I don't have anything disparaging to say about the company and I made that clear," Kross said. "The bottom line is that I'm a human being. Killer Kross might not be a human being but I am. The guy behind the glass coat is and personal circumstances change in life. I felt I was contributing to a greater degree than I was being compensated and I tried to find a common ground with them but we weren't able to find one. But I'm a professional through and through."

"My status with them: hard to say. But I'm going out there and giving everybody my best," Kross said before adding that he should't say anything about getting a better deal from Impact because "hypothetically they could use it against me."

Kross also noted that he would like to stay with Impact if everything can be worked out but it's of best interest to him and his family to be compensated what he feels that he's worth.

Kross does have the ability to wrestle for independents and he did just that recently. On September 1 he defeated Tom Lawlor at a Warrior Wrestling event which was highlighted by Impact and Warrior Wrestling World Champion Brian Cage defeating Michael Elgin.